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Embodied movement, embodied life.

By nature, we are a brilliant matrix of complex and largely unconscious relationships of sensation, thought, emotion, action and Spirit expressing in combination on the screen of our own awareness. Our personal matrix and
its defining relationship patterns began long before we could consciously choose who we would become. It continues to inform our sense of self and how we show up in our our own life. In the context of yoga, to be embodied
is to be compassionately aware of and meaningfully engaged in these relationships; to be sensitive to the sensation of living the fullness of our Spirited, human experience in each moment while distilling it into a single, unified essence.

Who am “I” and what is “now”?

Current Open Classes:

Roots Embodied Yoga

This heart-y class format seeks: to return to our natural, inner support; to reveal and unlock our own creativity and pattern-making abilities; to empower and integrate through the sensation of simplified and slow presence, holding within it clarity and informed choice; to enhance availability to healing and growth and identify long-held patterns ripe for re-writing; to increase tolerance for sustained enJOYment of life; to engage the group dynamic in support of collective relationship and wellbeing.

Each in-depth class is a delicious 2+ hours retreat including:

· classroom community dialogue
· guided relaxation
· sequenced and open-exploration somatic movement
  (somatic meaning engaged and self-experienced on many levels)

These teachings are built on Hatha yoga (with Vedic and Tantrik roots), functional and embodied anatomy, somatic experiencing and re-patterning, movement intelligence, embryology, human development (inspired by EmbodiYoga® Lisa Clark).


This class welcomes anyone who moves. If your movement story has a twist, kindly email Pam prior to attending to discuss modifications.

Due to a recent move, there are no classes scheduled at this time. Going forward, my teaching practice will be based out of the Boulder valley area in Colorado.

Current Workshops and Private Classes:

None available at this time. Please join my mailing list (below) to be the first to know when workshops, retreats and special series are announced.

Collaborations & Requests:

One of my favorite aphorisms is "a rising tide lifts all boats". We all have gifts, talents and passions. Just think of the positive change we can affect by working together! What's your idea? What's your vision? Reach out to start the discussion about how our work can support, weave and intersect for the benefit of those who call on us.

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