Private Sessions

Book a private session for insight, direction, healing, and guidance.

Intuitive Readings are simply that; reading your energy and giving you thorough reporting and insights on what is presently voicing itself, what is timely and appropriate to bring into your conscious awareness. It's like a snapshot of what is at the surface for you currently or it can be a wayfinding experience.

In Intuitive Healing sessions we work on healing through your auric layers (outflow of the chakras) with my helping spirits who specialize in healing. Reiki also comes in non-traditionally. These sessions can help to move energy and make space for lasting changes, bring relaxation and/or relief, and even clear the way for emerging growth. It may be an experience of simply receiving or you may be asked to participate in specific ways. It may be subtle or dynamic - either way you will receive exactly what is timely and appropriate for you as you are now. 

Divination through Shamanic Journeying sessions are designed to provide information to help you with specific issues, provide insight for making decisions, shed some light on something you've been circling around, etc. They tend to be mythopoetic, revealing and life-affirming in nature. 

For both Intuitive options, you can provide something in mind you'd like to look at or we can just see what wants to speak and/or heal that day. For the Shamanic Journeying option, a specific question/inquiry will be necessary (I can help you locate the question through dialogue).

Live Call or Remote Report

• The Intuitive sessions can be done live over Zoom or I can undertake the session remotely with your input via email and report back to you. 

• All Shamanic Journeying will be in the Remote Reporting format at this time. 

While I am in training, the pricing is as follows:
$60 for 1 hour
$90 for 1 1/2 hours

Please schedule and make payment here at time of booking for the appropriate amount of time.