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What am I doing here?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

It begins with the kind of question mark that lives in your heart. Because it was born in the heart, it eventually pulses in every cell and then you can't help but track it, chase it, live for it. What am I doing here?

Maybe a better beginning is, "Who" . Who am I doing here. Who am I here in this life. It's a question for the ages. One that is central to yoga and every other human quest to understand life on this planet in this universe.

While I don't have your answer, I do have one trail of breadcrumbs. It's a process called embodiment and it's what I teach.

Welcome to Pam Painter Yoga. This is the story of what I'm doing here...

What is embodiment? This is a big question or rather a profound and living inquiry. One that I've asked myself over and over again throughout my embodiment journey. This is what I'm rolling around in right now:

Embodiment is largely a pre-verbal process that we develop out of and return into. It's our very beginning as two cells meet and merge then continuously multiply and choose their expression according to a truly miraculous and somehow personal blueprint that is necessary for the whole to remain vital. It is a current-time process of sensing, remembering and diving under our patterned experiences to heal and align with clear and authentic expressions of this collective cellular community infused with, and also directed by, soul consciousness. It is the Mystery emerging as It's own creation. It is somatic philosophy with sense organs and a pulse. It is deeply integrated and dimensional and compassionate. It is often something we didn't expect. It is who I am, and who I am to become. (shoooo... take a breath!)

First inquiry: How do you perceive it in your body? There's the key and it's in the word itself: emBODYment (a little creative liberty there).

Another big question: why embodiment?

Embodiment practices awaken and nurture life-affirming opportunities for self-realization. The discovery process of self-realization from an embodiment approach engenders personal agency through revealing, igniting, and reclaiming choice on the deepest level. 

It empowers deeply supportive and sustainable engagement. Sustainable engagement rooted in personal agency:

>> opens the flood gates for self-appointed empowerment, processing, healing, purpose

>> mends disconnection from creativity, health, and vitality

>> creates conditions within ourselves for the amplification of love, joy, laughter, appreciation, clarity, acceptance, compassion, equity 

>> wholehearted, radically honest, well-boundaried, and quite possibly ecstatic participation in the process of life, of living in this body as it is today

Being vibrantly alive, as the fullness and sacred whole person you, in fact, actually are.

Sounds like a tall order.

The good news is that we are designed to be who we are so it’s a process of unveiling and re-membering. We don’t have to strain or struggle. The practice does the work - we just have to show up.

So, what happens when you show up here at Pam Painter Yoga?

Well first, I welcome you with my whole heart because by nurturing your own embodiment, you help create a world you can thrive in. A rising tide lifts all boats. Let's float those boats.

Four is the number of stability, foundation, and our human root. As Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen teaches, support precedes movement. As a wayshower, the framework I use here to guide and support your embodiment process is in 4s:

4 ways to engage

>> Online programs, practices & goodies.

>> An online forum out of the river of social media, designed for people engaging in the work.

>> Subscribe to this journal for inspiration, contemplation and information.

>> Connect with helpful resources on the website.

4 pillars to this work

emBodyEcology >> Yoga & Movement

emBodyOracle >> Energy

emBodyMystic >> Reflection & Expression

emBodyCollective >> Community

The movement of the process itself follows the energy of the spiral, the pattern through which all life evolves and returns. Our spiral will be to pass through each of the four pillars again and again.

We encourage what is complete or no longer viable in your beingness to simply fall away. We invite what is ready to bloom to open into safe and nurtured space. Much of this process is below the level of consciousness because we are working from the ground up. Generally speaking, we start with body experiencing then comes cognition. The body holds the truth. We layer in community for additional resourcing and sharing of ideas and experiences.

With each turn of the spiral, we simply place attention on what is happening in that moment. We perceive and acknowledge and reflect. We discover our own timing, rhythm and sequence. As we move forward in action, we do so having chosen our course of expression. We offer appreciation and reverence as we cross thresholds of becoming.

The beauty of this work is that it exists in all aspects of your life. The programs, practices and resources offered through Pam Painter Yoga can stand alone or be in tandem with or even in support of other important work you're doing, practices you're practicing, trainings you're committed to, and communities that matter to you.

So. Who are you? Let's get started...

Dive in here or drop me a line with questions at

May you be well, may you be willing, may you be wild.

May our work together be for the benefit of all beings as we are today.

May all beings know peace. May all beings be free.

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