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Oracle Creative Expression + Development

An oracle provides wise counsel and personal insight drawn from benevolent, divine sources. Who better to deliver these divine messages to you... than you! I believe we all have the gift of insight and access to guidance. The biggest question for most of us is how to call on it, recognize it and trust it. Creative expression has the ability to move us beyond active cognition (and fear!) to reveal what is feeding our everyday mind; into that which inhabits the wilds of the subconscious and unconscious mind and the unseen realms where we can know ourselves more fully and trust our knowing more deeply. In the creative space we can become curious, reveal insights and guidance, seek solace, release what is stuck, find enjoyment and play; there are no limits. Integrating this fuller sense of self gives us more choices in life and provides a foundation for confidence, self-compassion, and clear decision-making. Through creative expression we have a pathway to emerge as our own oracle in life for growth and mastery.

Creative expression possibilities include somatic movement (see yoga page)

and Touch Drawing (Deborah Koff-Chapin), soul writing, or intuitive painting.

This offering is available in group settings by request.

Collaborations & Requests:

One of my favorite aphorisms is "a rising tide lifts all boats". We all have gifts, talents

and passions. Just think of the positive change we can affect by working together!

What's your idea? What's your vision? Reach out to start the discussion about how

our work can support, weave and intersect for the benefit of those who call on us.

Sri Bazaar Heartcrafted Creations

As an artist and maker, my heart-crafted creations and intuitive art are available periodically in pop-up settings and by commission.