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I am everywhere, infusing everything.

To find me,

Become absorbed in intense experience.

Go all the way.

Be drenched in the energies of life.

Enter the world beyond separation.

The light of a candle reveals a room.

The rays of the sun reveal the world.

So does the divine feminine

Illumine the way to me.

~ Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, The Radiance Sutras translation

Banter Verses 20-21


What is embodiment? This is a big question, or rather a
profound and living inquiry. It’s largely a pre-verbal
state that we develop out of and return into. 


It's our very beginning as two cells meet and merge then continuously
multiply and choose their expression according to an incredible blueprint
that is necessary for the whole to remain vital. It is a current-time process
of sensing, remembering and diving under our patterned experiences to
heal and align with clear and authentic expressions of this collective cellular community infused with soul consciousness. It's the Mystery emerging as
It's own creation. It is somatic philosophy with sense organs and a pulse.
It is deeply integrated and dimensional and compassionate. It is in relationship with life beyond its boundaries. It's often something we didn't even expect.
It is who we are and who we are to become.


And this is just one way to perceive it through the body. 


What will yours be?


Another big question: why embodiment?


Embodiment practices awaken and nurture life-affirming opportunities for self-realization. 
The discovery process of self-realization with an embodiment approach engenders personal agency through revealing, unravelling, igniting, and reclaiming choice on the deepest level. 


It empowers deeply supportive and sustainable engagement with self-revealing practices. 
Sustainable engagement rooted in personal agency:

>> opens the flood gates for self-appointed empowerment, processing, healing, purpose

>> mends disconnection from creativity, health, and vitality

>> creates conditions within ourselves for the amplification of love, joy, laughter, appreciation, clarity, acceptance, empathy, compassion, equity 


>> wholehearted, radically honest, well-boundaried, and quite possibly ecstatic participation
in the process of life, of living in this body while living in relationship with others in integrity


Being vibrantly alive, as the fullness and sacred whole person you, in fact, actually are.


Sounds like a tall order.


The good news is that we are designed to be who we are so it’s a process of unveiling and re-membering.
We don’t have to strain or over-effort. The practice teaches us our own unique timing, rhythm, and sequence. The practice creates the space - we just have to show up. 

There are 4 pillars to this work.

Four is the number of stability, foundation, and our human root.


As a wayshower, it is the framework used here to guide and support your embodiment process. As Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen teaches, support precedes movement.


The movement of the process itself follows the energy of the spiral, the pattern through which all life evolves and returns. Our spiral will be to pass through each of the four pillars again and again in each program offered.


We encourage what is complete or no longer viable in your beingness to simply fall away. We invite what is ready to bloom to open into safe and nurtured space. Much of this process is below the level of consciousness. Some of it includes community for additional resourcing.


With each turn of the spiral, we simply place attention
on what is happening in that moment. We perceive and acknowledge and reflect. As we move forward in action, we do so having chosen our course. We offer appreciation and reverence as we cross thresholds of becoming.

The 4 Pillars

emBodyEcology  Yoga & Movement

Our wisdom and knowingness is in our cells in relationship to the whole. The orientation of this chalice is exploration and integration through the sensation and fertile information of movement. It's a simplified and slow presence, holding within it possibility, clarity and informed choice. It enhances availabilityto healing and growth and ability to identify long-held patterns ripe for re-writing. This somatically-focused asana and movement practice is grounded in human development, experiential anatomy & embryology andis inspired by EmbodiYogaTM. Result? More you, more
better. Translation: increased capacity for sustained bandwidth for showing up in
live in integrity.

emBodyOracle  Energy

Two words: energy hygiene. emBodyOracle is all about intuition, agency, and seniority in the somatic field of experience of self and in relationship with others and the natural world. It's not a given, folks. And it's a process. A mixture of ancient practices with Tantrik and Vedic origins and more recent ways of working with the energy and mental bodies, this chalice of exploration will include meditation, mudra, mantra, pranayama, and some modern energy work. Hello, empaths and sensitive people? You’ve come home to roost. 

emBodyMystic  Reflection

A mystic is one who has direct, personal experience with the Great Mystery. This chalice offers ample opportunity to reflect on your experiences and sink into the heartwood of your divine life unfolding. This includes the shadowlands along with the sunshine. Mindfulness, swadhyaya, beauty-gazing, truth telling, creative expression, communing with nature, ceremony crafting, meaning-making are just some of the ways we honor thresholds in our embodied life in relationship with ourselves, with big Mamma Earth, all of her celestial friends, and all life she supports.

emBodyCollective  Community

Looking inward is the foundation for turning outward with vulnerability and in integrity as the creatures we are, hard-wired for connection and from different walks of life. Safe, committed and conscious container with clear communication and vibrant idea and inspiration sharing is vital for supporting and maintaining sustained 

embodiment outside of that container in our larger community ecosystems. We have
a long way to go to realize this ideal as cultures shift, define and redefine themselves. 

Let's start where we are, make mistakes, and do better, leaning into the space-making and refining embodiment work. The online chalice for conscious community engaged in this work is available to anyone who desires to join and is willing to commit to the agreements that shape the container.