A space to embody 

the everyday magic 

of being YOU

You feel it.

It shows up everyday in some form.

A longing, a whisper, a calling, a nudge;

an urge so deep within it has a pulse. Your pulse.

It wakes you up full of insistence and ... familiarity.

It draws you away from the dizzy of life. Of life now.

Become yourself, it says. Now is your time, it says.

I need you, it says. I love you, it says.

You'd chase it to the ends of the earth to reach it.

Good news: I have a map.

My name is Pam

& I teach embodiment.

I see you, you conscious, activated human on a quest for heart, healing, movement, Mystery, meaning, and the everyday magic of living as your true, authentic and empowered self. 


You are caring, compassionate and capable. And I’m calling you in on your own epic journey
of becoming.


I offer my service as a wayshower, an ally, and a keeper of the hearth of the heart.
Here there is safe and sacred space to show up for yourself, as yourself. To spread out
and wade around in all faces of being human. To be guided and supported. To increase your
inner resources. To pollinate your wisdom.


I see you because I am you. Let me tell you a little about my own journey…

Resource. Empower.

Embody. Amplify.

And definitely having a little fun doing it.

This journey is from the ground up. That is, it starts somatically in the physical body, organic keeper of
truth and timelines, holder of stories, and the
medicine of knowingness, and invites in the cognitive intelligence from there.


This work is a multi-dimensional activation of healing, inner resources, empowerment and a deep knowledge
of self that engenders the wholeness, self-agency, compassion, and intuition that is becoming
increasingly necessary to inhabit a conscious,
supported and intentional role in our changing world. 


When we access our choices from this place, the energy that flows becomes practical and alive in communities. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. Empowered people empower people.

"The body is where the mind meets the world"  ~some brilliant person

We enter the work through four bodies:


Yoga & Movement

Our wisdom and knowingness is in our cells in relationship to the whole. The orientation of this chalice is exploration and integration through the sensation and fertile information of movement. It's a simplified and slow presence, holding within it possibility, clarity and informed choice. It enhances availability to healing and growth and ability identify long-held patterns ripe for re-writing. This somatically-focused asana and movement practice is grounded in human development, experiential anatomy & embryology and is inspired by EmbodiYogaTM. Result? More you, more better. Plus increased capacity for sustained enJOYment of life. 



Two words: energy hygiene. BodyOracle is all about intuition, agency, and seniority in the somatic field of experience of self and in relationship with others and the natural world. A mixture of ancient practices with Tantrik and Vedic origins and more recent ways of working with the energy and mental bodies, this chalice of exploration will include meditation, mudra, mantra, pranayama, and some modern energy work. Hello, empaths and sensitive people? You’ve come home to roost. 



A mystic is one who has direct, personal experience with the Great Mystery. This chalice offers ample opportunity to reflect on your experiences and sink into the heartwood of your divine life unfolding. Mindfulness, swadhyaya, beauty-gazing, truth telling, creative expression, communing with nature, ceremony crafting, meaning-making are just some of the ways we honor thresholds in our embodied life in relationship with ourselves, with big Mamma Earth, all of her celestial friends, and all whose life she supports.



Belonging. Can I say that again? Belonging! Looking inward is the foundation for turning outward with vulnerability and in integrity as the creatures we are, hard-wired for connection. Safe, committed and conscious container with clear communication and vibrant idea and inspiration sharing is vital for supporting and maintaining sustained embodiment outside of that container in our larger community ecosystems. The online chalice for conscious community engaged in this work will be available to anyone who desires to join and is willing to commit to the agreements that shape the container.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost ... Keep the channel open.”   ~Martha Graham

You're ready. Let's get to it.

Embodiment is a process and your commitment to it is multi-dimensional.
Sustainability is do-ability. Here are four ways to engage; you choose:

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